Friday, October 10, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Nip Negative Thinking In The Bud

Thoughts are powerful things. How many people realize how powerful they really are? Where do we get our negative thinking and how can we reverse it?

Where do we get our negative thinking? If we really want to analyze ourselves, most of our negative thinking was programmed in our minds when we were children. It could have come from a number of sources. Family, school, church, and even that beloved TV. Yes, I know what you are thinking, the TV? Yes, and especially if you are watching the news or something horrible before you go to bed. Whether you realize it or not this plants negative seeds in your mind.

It is a wonder that we turned out as well as we did. When I was growing up it was the norm to be told "you will never amount to anything" or "you will never accomplish that, you are not smart enough" or "you will never attract a worthy mate, you are not good enough." The list goes on. Whatever your source is, keep in mind that we don't want to blame them. In most cases, these seeds were planted generations ago, and has been handed down. The good news is; these negative thoughts can be reversed, and here are a few suggestions to help.

First, erase the words "impossible" and "I can't" from your vocabulary.

Start repeating to yourself that you can and that it is possible, and "I will." This is the most important decision you can ever make. Your whole future depends on it. Change your thoughts and you instantly change conditions around you.

Picture yourself wrapping up all your negative thoughts about yourself and throwing them off a bridge.

You must get out from under these negative thoughts. You can't be yourself, and it is impossible to make the right impression on others and to attract good things to you when you are carrying around negative garbage. You must gain emotional control.

You can do this by freeing your consciousness of feelings of resentment, antagonism, hate, and like emotions toward others. These kind of thoughts are keeping you from thinking straight,and holding you back from progress. You must learn how to release the hold that past mistakes, now stored in your consciousness, have upon you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Imagine Your Way to Success

The word imagination is related to the word imagine, "that which is seen." Our self-image is bound to your imagination. You act and feel according to the image your mind holds. You have certain mental images of yourself and your world and the people around you and you behave as though the images were the truth, rather than the things they represent.

The subconscious mind can't tell the difference between a real experience and one that is imagined. It agrees with every suggestion the conscious mind gives it. An imagined experience is perceived and acted on by your subconscious mind exactly the same as a real experience.

Your imagination makes your subconscious mind see what your conscious mind believes. Beliefs are powerful, but your imagination is even more powerful because it can change your beliefs.

When you focus your imagination on the way you wish to be, your conscious mind directs your subconscious mind to accept these new images, and since your subconscious mind will agree and comply with the images your conscious mind creates, acting as if it were true in effect make it true.

So, what do I mean by "Imagine Your Way to Success?' This is creating mental pictures in your mind of what you want. The first step is to decide EXACTLY what it is that you want. Then you will need to develop a "fake it till you make it" attitude.

Here are a few guidelines for creating mental pictures:

  1. Choose the same time each day for your mental pictures, some people do it first thing in the morning, and others at night, and some people do it morning and night. This is the way that I prefer it. Whatever time you choose, it needs to be a time where you will not be disturbed or distracted. The important things are to do it 15 minutes everyday, seven days a week for six weeks. This will make mental picturing a habit.
  2. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Make this YOUR time. If you need to unplug the phone or hang up a DO NOT DISTURB sign and let everyone know that it is to be honored. Imagine that you are watching yourself on a movie screen doing exactly what is is that you want. Make your mental pictures as detailed as possible.
  3. Accept all mental pictures as positive images. Imagine yourself being successful. IN the movie of your mind see yourself acting and responding the way you think you should. Picture yourself moving through your environment "as if" you had already achieved your goal; confident and happy.

Part of your mind is going to try to distract you with things like: did I turn the coffee pot off? Did I lock the doors? Did I let the dog out? Just tell it to shut up an that you will deal with it later. Then return to your mental picture.

Remember that your attitudes, feelings, and behavior change in the direction of what you believe to be true. Through your imagination you can create positive mental pictures of what you want and act as if you have already achieved success.

Paula Snyder